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Are you an Earth Guide?

The world around us is changing because we are changing.

Earth Guide Collective is a community for those who consciously choose to devote their lives to the embodiment of light. An Earth Guide takes on many forms such as a teacher - a parent - a sister - or a true spiritual mentor.


A time has come where we are being called to come together to preserve our sovereignty, stand up for medical freedom, and cleanse this toxin filled world so that it can healed and transformed.


We have chosen to be a part of earths incarnation at this time to contribute to the frequency shifts due to the awakening.

In order for a new world to arise, there must be those who choose growth over societal comfort.


This is a wave of individuals that have consciously chosen to lead by example and to become the best versions of themselves in service of the light. 


Light Energy Attunement | Soul Retrieval | Spiritual Integration Coaching



Hi, I’m Leah

Founder of Earth Guide Collective

Leah is a clairvoyant lightworker, lemurian starseed, and spiritual awakening coach. After being opened to the world of spirit at a young age through the recognition of auras, Leah's logical mind began shifting and opening up to dimensions she never expected.

Together we Can

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