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8 week manifestation group journey

by Leah Ann & Earth Guide Collective

starts ....... TBD

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Everything about your reality Is a mirror creation - a true manifestation of your thoughts.

During these 8 weeks we are going to work together to forever alter the way you manifest and create the life you want.

I’m Leah Ann - why am I the right person to guide you through this journey?

Like a lot of others, I was introduced to the concept of manifestation back in high school through a book/movie called the secret.

The whole concept behind this teaching was the law of attraction and basically if you think it’s already there then it will happen. Im sure there’s more to it, but you get the point. 

Over the next following years I practiced this belief and found a lot of positives and negatives to the concept. 

While most of the time it worked for me - there were a lot of times it didn’t & when it didn’t work I felt lost and alone and didn’t know what I was doing wrong. 

I began doubting my connection to spirit and the universe, but I didn’t let that stop me. 

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about me - journey
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About 6 years after being introduced to the concept I began seeking out spiritual groups you could say to be a part of.

I felt so alone during the awakening process, and through social media I learned that others were practicing the way I was!


That’s what lead me to set out on a journey to find my tribe. At the same time I knew that I wanted to pursue a life where my career would be to support others in this area.

So I put out “the vibe” lol that’s so cheesy, but true. Or the thought - the desire that
A | I wanted a tribe
B | I wanted to work with 
people on the spiritual plane. 

& that was that. I made that clear and spoke it aloud and said I’m doing it!

NOW Let’s talk about this crazy manifestation that I had no idea was about to happen. 

At that time I was living out in Los Angeles and working as an audience coordinator for live TV shows. It was ego pleasing for me, but that was about it. 

I was over it - anyways not the point. So I was working The Price is Right and we check people in outside the CBS gate next to the grove. 

It was just another normal day and then this giant blue blob- yes blob. Like a person in a blue morph suit but then that morph suit had a blow up blue plastic bubble around it haha it was so funny looking. 

It came running past our line and was giving everyone high-fives - there was a camera guy, so it felt like a social media stunt. 

The blob ran away down the street & then turned around and came back to me and handed me a small pouch.  

I was like okkkkkk lol and opened it up & inside was $55. 

Score because ya know I was 21 and living in LA so naturally poor. Yet this voice in my head was like hmm $55 is so specific. It wasn’t $20 or $50, but $55? This felt odd to me and I thought this is for more than what I’m seeing right now. 

I was always good at blowing money quickly, but I thought and promised myself - this is special and I will know when I am supposed to spend this. 

Fast forward not even a few days and I'm scrolling on Facebook. Boom there’s an ad for a cacao ceremony for spiritual entrepreneurs. 

My mind was a bit shocked because I was like woah that’s exactly what I thought about the other day - that I want a tribe to grow with and fulfill this entrepreneur life in terms of spirit. 

So I click on it……

& guess what…….

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The universe KNEW that if I didn’t get that $55 FIRST - that I wouldn’t have gone because at that time I would have thought that would have been too much to spend on a single event. 

So I went and it kick started a whole new shift in my life. 

There’s a little more to this story and honestly I have a lot more wild manifesting stories to share, but I am saving those for the group journey & I don’t want to keep you reading for an hour ! 

As I reflect on this situation and a lot of other situations that just seemed to perfectly line up in my life - I realized that over the years I have learned an immense amount about manifesting and clearing the way to creating your reality smoothly. 

Life is here to serve us and in return we serve life.

I know how it feels to feel powerless - to feel alone - to know that there is way more to this life than we understand and to see all the synchronicities that are lining up and that a lot of people are truly truly waking up right now. 

I know what it’s like to want to do it all alone, but also internally be screaming for help. For in truth only YOU can change YOU, but we can all use guides and assistants.

Super long story short - that’s why I birthed this 8 week group journey. I’ve spent years crafting the art of manifesting and by no means am I perfect - but I sure have come a long way.

This vision was built so that you don’t have to be alone during this process. 

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& to be 100% honest - If you’ve made it this far in the reading, then I know for a fact that one day or another we will work together. I’ve put out the call to bring in the soul contracts of growth and asked for that awarenesses to arrive. So shall it be. 

You’re here for the Group Journey though, so let’s stay focused

STARTING August 22nd

Each Sunday will consist of a zoom call from 4pm EST - 5pm EST.

+ Weekly Video Guide to be watched prior to our virtual meeting.

You'll receive

  • Guided downloadable workbook - keep it forever & use it whenever

  • 6 Video Guides to introduce the concepts before we pow wow together

  • structured drinking glass ( bc water is fun and matters )

  • Plus whatever else spirit guides me to send you for this process!

Throughout this 8 week journey we will be focusing in on...

  • Why plan B sets you up for failure

  • Are your thought patterns helping or harming you

  • Are you in a victim mentality

  • Finding gratitude in all

  • Releasing control over how

  • Finding clarity through meditation

  • & more

This is for those who...

  • want to work on their blocks to actively create their reality

  • know there’s more to life than we understand

  • want to create lasting change

  • seek to positively route their life in service on humanity

  • seek spiritual growth

  • don’t want to do all of this alone

  • seek spiritual community 

Celebration Time
Waterfall Couple Swimming
Girl with Her Dog
Beautiful Nature
Three Women

No matter if manifesting Is a new concept to you,
Or you’ve been at it for years. This tribe welcomes all. 

Group atmospheres bring forth the visions and clarity
that we are sometimes clouded to. 

I want this to be intimate because each person Is going to have dedicated time to process with the group their life and all they wish to share.
This is only possible by keeping the tribe small. Only a handful of spots will be available, so if you want to join then please
When you commit to this journey by ......., I’ll offer $100 off.

I want people who are serious about working on their self growth, and understand the benefits of investing in themselves. 

Sign up By : $555


Sign up after: $655

Third Eye

Payment plans are also available to pay half up front when you claim your spot, and the rest is due by the first meeting. 

If you want to speak with me prior to committing to this group journey then please

I want to make sure it’s a right fit for you too! 

Well that's all I've got for you. 

I guess ill just leave one more of these right here. :)


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